I have been trying to understand the balance between two opposing worlds. One end of the spectrum has been criticized as humble to the point of self- deprecation. The other, extreme self-indulgence. As I find myself swinging like a pendulum from one side to another, there is an attempt to understand and grasp the grey.

A concrete floor is made to create a perfect smooth surface to walk on. Yet it lays directly on top of the natural moving earth. Through time, cracks form. Capturing these cracks are meditative moments where I explore the beauty in the imperfections. 

Between Absolutes
MATSU 末 : 'pine tree' or 'to leave behind' , 2017
Video (Wedging : "kneeding/mixing" )
Finding grey, 2017
sidewalk lanscape
Paper chains, for Lao Lao (Grandmother)

All professional photography by Randi Rjeldseth