I have been trying to understand the balance between two opposing worlds. One end of the spectrum has been criticized as humble to the point of self- deprecation. The other, extreme self-indulgence. As I find myself swinging like a pendulum from one side to another, there is an attempt to understand and grasp the grey.

A concrete floor is made to create a perfect smooth surface to walk on. Yet it lays directly on top of the natural moving earth. Through time, cracks form. Capturing these cracks are meditative moments where I explore the beauty in the imperfections. 


All professional photography by Randi Rjeldseth


ABSOLUTES Absolutes, 2017 Black Porcelain, White Porcelain, Steel Absolutes explores the contrast of the opposing ends of the spectrum, The open or closed forms upholds this contrast. This piece was inspired by the absolutes that we face and are challenged with in our every day lives. This piece was the placed in the entrance of the gallery, where the viewer is faced with absolutes.